Friday, August 30, 2013

Tracy Arm Fjord

Celebrity Solstice Day 4

August 5, 2013

South Sawyer Glacier, Alaska

South Sawyer Glacier, Alaska

2013-08-05 Tracy Arm Fjord-3074

2013-08-05 Tracy Arm Fjord-3102

2013-08-05 Tracy Arm Fjord-3085

2013-08-05 Tracy Arm Fjord-2976

2013-08-05 Tracy Arm Fjord-2947


Tracy Arm Fjord (Sunny) - Narrated by Michael Modzelewski

A magnificent misty day in Alaska's Tracy Arm Fjord, a glacier carved masterpiece. Michael Modzelewski speaks from the Bridge of the "Golden Princess." Produced & Directed by Richard Pengelly.

The "Golden Princess" sets a new record for the furthest voyage into Tracy Arm Fjord, Alaska. So close to South Sawyer Glacier that the ship was "off the chart" (beyond the fathom markings). Under the command of Captain Vincenzo Lubrano. Commentary by Michael Modzelewski. Produced by Nathan Findley and Paul Conley. Shot and edited by Nathan Findley.


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Celebrity Solstice Day 4
Tracy Arm Fjord

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