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Taiwan Tour 2008

Photos by Hoang Khai Nhan


Tourist Group Dance at Formosan Abroginal Village:
Video by Hoang Khai Nhan:

Dance at Formosan Narawan Resort, Hualien, Taiwan -
Video by Hoang Khai Nhan:

Dance at Formosan Narawan Resort, Hualien, Taiwan -
Video by Hoang Khai Nhan:

Dance at Formosan Narawan Resort, Hualien, Taiwan -
Video by Hoang Khai Nhan:

Eternal Spring Shrine -
Video by Hoang Khai Nhan:

Eight Arc Bridge, Hualien, Taiwan -
Video by Hoang Khai Nhan:

Tales of Taiwan

Poem by Dona Malan

Another reunion trip with Thomas Chen?
We all wanted to know where and when.
We met at LAX on September the first
Hope this check-in line is our worst.

Thomas Cheng

The flight was nice, but oh, so long
Every position in ones seat seems to be wrong
But after 14 hours we did arrive
Now learning about Taiwan we would strive.

Our first day in Taipei our time was free
Each decided where to have one’s own spree
With metro passes and maps in hand
Exploring Taipei was really grand.

MRT in Taipei:

Tonight a dinner of dumplings to delight
We had so many there was nary a fight
The soup dumplings were full of flavor
Sucking out the broth was something to savor

The Howard Plaza breakfast buffet was a great treat
Surely we all had plenty to eat
The National Plaza Museum held amazing treasure
The artisans spent much time so had little leisure

The jade cabbage is an amazing sight
But not sure the pork would be good to bite
The patience and skill shown is truly amazing
At these treasure we could still be gazing

At 11 we watched the changing of the guard
Standing still in that heat had to be hard
Here honor was shown the heroes of Taiwan
The grounds and buildings were surrounded by lawn

Changing of the Guards at Martyrs Shrine, Taipei:

The Chiang Kai Shek Memorial hall was grand
Pictures and objects and cadilacs on hand
It was surrounded by elaborate gates
With his countries people he really rates

Guards of Hornor in CKS Memorial:

Soldiers Marching at CKS Memorial:

Changing Guards at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, Taiwan:

The tallest building in the world has 101 floors
The bottom five floors were full of stores
A food court for lunch with ample choices
Food from many cultures here had their voices

Taipei 101 Fireworks:

The bullet train was like a race
Clean, efficient and plenty of space
In tunnels some time was spent
Then by rice fields, trees and small towns we went

Breakfast today introduced us to mango ice
Many went back for more at least twice
That started many in on ice cream and popsicles
We liked a variety flavors, so we are kind of fickle.

Friday we visited Sunmoon Lake
Here many pictures we did take
Over to an island on a little boat
It seems this island really can float

Taiwan Sun Moon Lake:

The Wen Wu Temple blew our minds
The nuns and monks were so very kind
The grandeur and sculptures an amazing sight
Most would return there without a fight.

The temples in Taiwan take many forms
Zen and Taoists fit the norms
Some were playing pick up sticks
While others lighted incense wicks

A long ride to Tainan city
A little rain to make it pretty
The green of many a fern and tree
Then rice fields so green to see.

Tainan Night Market:

Dinner was at a traditional Tainan place
We overate just to save face
None is loosing weight on this trip
Will is go to the stomach or the hip?

The breakfast buffet in Tainan was 10 star
For each cuisine there was a separate bar
The only things missing was mango ice
But to this hotel all would go twice

The Confucius Temple was plainer than most
To his scholarly life we can truly toast
Koxinga Shrine told of his life
He conquered the Dutch to create less strife

Taiwan Kaohsiung - Tainan Confucian Temple:

The Lotus Lake is very dry
Swimming in it we would not try
But all climbed in through the dragon’s mouth
Then out the tigers mouth to the south

More temples for us to view
We have visited more than a few
Each is lovely in a special way
But crossing the street here could turn you gray.

The dinner that night- surprise! - Chinese food
Hope all for it were in the mood
The corn soup was especially good
We all overate just like we should

Love River, Kaohsiung, Taiwan:

Sunday we learned of the Taiwan Aborigines
In costumes with their music they danced with ease.
Their homes wee built from grass, stones or sticks
Getting their tribe tattoo is how they got their kicks.

Then South down the Taiwan strait
Rocky beaches and swimming here do not mate
We crossed the mountains full of various trees
Finally reaching the Pacific Ocean and its breeze

That evening another indigenous talent presentation
Six tribes performed to represent their nation
The costumes and music and dances were seen
Some from our group joined in the final dancing scene

Dance at Formosan Narawan Resort, Hualien, Taiwan -
Video by Hoang Khai Nhan:

Monday we traveled along the eastern coast
The beauty here should cause Taiwan to boast
The seashore, rocks, green and sun
Made for a HOT day but filled with fun.

We made a quick stop for a steamed bun
Most of us tried at least one
Some ate more flavored ice
Lots of flavors were tried including sticky rice

Quick Stop for Stemed Bun - Banh Bao -
Video by Hoang Khai Nhan:

A stop was made at a marble factory that was big
The twelve zodiacs were out front, including the pig
The marble came in many shades and hues
How they can care it we really have no clue.

Taiwan's beauty- TAROKO national park:

Toroko Gorge had enormous boulders
We enjoyed the view while driving on the shoulder
Big falling stones often occur here
If you hear them coming- run with fear

Nature Wonders TAROKO GORGE Taiwan:

The rivers and waterfalls added to the views
A few famous rocks like the frog make news
We rode and walked to see it all
It was great fun and we had a ball

Complete Taroko Gorge Ride:

The last night was dinner to say farewell
The mongolian barbecue had a good smell
We filled our bowls and gave them to the chef
When he gave it back there wasn’t much left

Finally to the airport most did go
The airport is so lovely and added to the show
It is quiet and clean and had a children's play place
An aboriginal display and craftsman display space

Traffic here is really quite OK
More scooters than cars save the day
The drivers all seem patient and restrained
Could they come to our country and our drivers retrain?

Scooters here are a way of life
Everyone rides them including the wife
Helmets for adults are luckily worn
But finding yours parked in the line might make you forlorn

The country’s cleanliness can’t be beat
All were friendly when we did meet
Great memories we did create
Now this must end before its too late

Thanks to this group as you have been great
Seeing us all part I will really hate
No one in the group did complain or while
But lots of smiles as well as sweat did shine

We all remembered if we were A’s or B’s
The times and levels and what to see
But remembering our room numbers became a chore
Maybe we should tattoo them on us once more?

Our super bus drivers kept us all alive
Anywhere in the world they could drive.
They could turn those big buses on a dime
And back up around curves and corners anytime.

Teresa Ken - Taiwan Tour 2008

Beral and Teresa- each was a great guide
And lots of information to us they did provide
Sharing their country seemed to bring them delight
Now if we could just remember everything right

To the Taiwan Tourist Board we say thanks
You have shared your country and how it ranks
All of us go home with great stories to tell
About Taiwan and how you are doing everything so well

Thank you Thomas, you have done it once more
Provided us with views and experiences galore
We will all have good memories of this place
And of your smile and cheery grace.

Dona Malan

More Info on Dona Malan's Website:

Free Hug in Taiwan:


Chung Tai Chan Monastery

Sun Moon Lake

Taroko Gorge

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